Friday, October 9, 2009

Metering Timer in Video and Dropped Frames

Recently Martin Beek and Morgan Moore from Cinema5D have been discussing dropped frames while using the 7D.

I'd like to toss my hat into the ring with a setting that I think might prevent some dropped frames for a few people. I turned this setting of back in the 5D2 before manual controls days, and I did the same with my 7Ds because I thought they might be affected by it somehow.

I turn Metering Timer in the 4th red menu (video rec settings) to 30 minutes.

My belief is that this prevents unecessary communication between lens (or chipped adapter in my case) which is known to sometimes cause dropped frames for people.

I hope that helps!

Thanks to M. Beek and M. Moore for bringing up this discussion.

See you next time with more tales from my feature shoot, and my thoughts on the upcoming PL mounts for 7D. Oh - and one more thing...anyone have a good machinist to suggest? I'd love to have an Eos to Russian OCT-19 lens adapter. The OCT-19 lenses have these gorgeous rounded aperture blades and can be had affordably.

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