Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Redcine X Pro Tutorial that I put together for those just starting out:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Scarlet X with the Uppercut

I initially started this blog a few years ago because it was an unforseen time for someone just getting their legs as a cinematographer. Video capture on DSLR cameras was fresh and exciting, and I managed to shoot two of the world's first feature films to be shot entirely with HD video on DSLR cameras:

The Lower Angels (formerly The Louisiana Conversation)


Winter Nights - Ari Dassa's ensemble film about what it means to be lonely in Los Angeles

Neither of these two films could have been done with any other camera system at the time and had the visual impact they did for the budget they had allotted.

Flash forward two years - I'm no longer advocating the use of HDSLR cameras for low budget films - certainly they have their place, but there are very affordable tools that do a great job for low budget films, and for something with a little bigger budget that needs real visual panache nothing beats the Digital Negative style capture of Redcode Raw.

That's right - I'm a Red Convert.

A couple nights ago Red really delivered a TKO blow in the first round of Digital Cinematography's 3rd wave.

Raw Onboard capture in a camera system with a body under $10,000.

Wow. Really just stunning.

Stay tuned for more information - and in the meantime - check out this little piece that Eric Ulbrich and myself put together with Matt Encina:

Saturday, November 5, 2011