Friday, October 16, 2009

Feature Wrapped!

First Feature Film shot entirely with the Canon 7D (2 of them) has wrapped production.

Now for some sleep.

Pascal wanted to know what picture profile settings we've been using.

I have the cams set to neutral picture style, contrast all the way down, sharpness all the way down. Saturation down between -2 and -3 points depending on the scene, and no adjustment to color tone.

Highlight tone priority was used in one scene only.

No Auto Lighting Optimizer was used.

white balance was almost all Tungsten balance, as that was how we lit. The few things we shot during daylight hours were balanced for daylight.

Zeiss primes rock.

I want to revisit a really basic set of well oiled Nikon AiS superspeed primes though for my second cam as a rental option for other people.

Let's see what other kinds of fun I can have shooting with this camera in the coming weeks.


  1. Any way you can post any clips or links to them?
    That's got to be the quickest feature ever shot after a new camera came out. How did you manage to get two and the lens adapters and all so quick?

  2. I hope the end of shooting doesn't spell the end of your blog!

  3. Interesting. The images look great. Did moire and aliasing give you a lot of trouble? I can't seem to get read of them in pretty much anything I shoot but faces with blurred backgrounds. How did you manage it?