Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cambo Video?

Hey everyone, just wrapping up here on the set of the feature today.

I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite indie movies I've worked on so far.


We have only gone over 10 hours once. I love reasonable schedules.

Also, I have to say - one thing the 7D excels it is 2 camera shooting. Because the size of the body and support system is so reasonable it's easy to get two sizes with enough of an axis difference to allow for nice cross-cutting, without effing up my lighting setups.

It's how 2 camera shows are supposed to be!

I'm thinking of selling my SmallHD DP-1 after this show to try a different monitor. Feel free to email if you are interested in buying it!

Let's see what else...

I had some ideas for a series of stills to shoot after we finish up with the movie. Probably going to shoot some 4x5 fujifilm...

which got me thinking about this thing:

Anyone have one I can borrow to hook up to the 7D and shoot video with? Talk about swing shift!


  1. What's the other camera being used on this shoot? How much is the 7D doing?

  2. Both cameras are 7Ds!

    7D is doing the whole film!

    I mean, I love the dual 7D setup compared to shooting with dual anything else so far because me and my B camera operator can be closer together without being in each other's way.