Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indie Slate Magazine and The World's First DSLR Feature

A year after the wrap of principle photography on "The Louisiana Conversation," the world's first feature length film shot entirely with an HD DSLR camera, Robert Render Harrison of Indie Slate Magazine ran an article on whether DSLR's are usable in production or just a Fad. I think he answered the question with a Resounding yes, and we can see that these tools of our trade are getting better with every iteration.

Ultimately this is a demonstration of principle. It's not about the latest cool gizmo, or using the most or least expensive tool for the job - it's about recognizing and adapting the strengths of one technology and using them for a different application.

So, what's different at the beginning of 2010 than at the end of 2008? In the U.S. there seems to be a MILD economic recovery but so many of us (young professionals) are still struggling just to get our bills paid and keep food on our plates. My response to this is, do something for yourself. Take some time each week to focus on doing what it is that you ASPIRE to achieve or actually WANT to do - there are plenty of people who will want you to stay in your position as an underling , and when they find out you are actually doing something progressive they might not even call on you for positions you once filled.

Forget about these people.

They are ballast. They want you to keep doing things their way, and won't want you to be happy because they aren't happy.

This isn't to say leave responsibility for your dreams - it's just too easy to get caught up in the grind of a 5 day, 60-80 hour work schedule in our industry and forget to aspire.

With that in mind, have a look at this article. And mad props to my boys Adam Duffy and Beau Lambert who helped make the Louisiana Conversation shoot not only possible, but pleasurable.

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